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Where to get potential Clients from Escorts?

As an independent escort in Delhi, it is quit tough to acquire a new client. As an escort, you have to compete with professional Goa Escorts agencies that would do anything to cut down your business, on top of that you have to pay for extra charges like food expenses, and travel allowances yourself.

Most escorts go for traditional methods like newspaper advertising or get their website for online presence to reach out to potential customers. But, that is not sufficient for you as an escort in Delhi to meet your daily needs. You have to do something extra, something unique to stand out from your competitors. There are some places in Delhi, where you can get clients for your business. These are.

Discotheques : Pubs and Discotheques are an ideal place in Delhi/NCR region where you can meet potential clients. Since single men are not allowed in pubs and discotheques, they look for girls who can make their entry clear in these places. As a Female Escort in Mumbai, you can get their entry done in discotheques for some charges and book a potential client on the spot.

Pubs : Another place where coolest guys usually comes. Just wear some stunning clothes, sip a drink and give a seductive smile to guys sitting near you. Some guy will definitely introduce himself to you; you can give your card or take straight out of pub to a lavish hotel by using your charms.

Online Classified Sites : I want to clear myth that you can’t use online classified sites for picking a client. Yes, you can, just advertise your services as such “a beautiful girl looking for some fun loving company, please contact on this number” “Looking for some stunning guys for friendship” And see how the magic begins.

Bachelor Party : If you think, you are good seductive dancer, then you must arrange a pre bachelor party for wedding. Wedding is the only event where people won’t mind spending lavishly; you can associate yourself with some wedding planner or give your advertisement in online sites and see how your phone starts ringing. One of the benefit of associating with wedding occasion is that is completely legal with no threat of getting arrested or in a secret raid from police.

Social Networking Sites : Create a face book fan page of yourself looking for some friendship and see how many likes you get in a single day as well as friendship request. Best thing is customer will come to you, you won’t go to customers. Choose your favourite customer, book a date and have fun with him.

You tube advertising : You tube is another medium where lot of youngsters come, create some videos of yourself performing some erotic dances on regular basis. You will definitely get some customers who would be interested in pursuing your service.

As an Escort in Nainital, you should use your mind and innovate yourself to stay ahead of your competitors. You just have to use your mind for some time and see how many unique ideas will come into your mind regarding acquiring clients.

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