About Me

My name is Subohi, and I am the best Independent Escorts in Delhi - NCR region.

I am a drop-dread gorgeous beauty who works as a high-class model in my spare time. I work as an escort for two reasons. First, I need money to support my high lifestyle and it is easy to get that with the escort work. Second, I love the attention and company of men. I recently broke up with my boyfriend because he used to be very possessive about me and would pick up fights if other men would notice me. I did not like that because I loved the attention of men. It makes me feel great and proud of myself. After all, I am blessed with a beautiful face and a voluptuous body. No red-blooded man can ignore me. I love that they like how I look and entered the Andheri escort business so that I can fulfill their desires.

You see, I have a high sexual drive and want physical intimacy with different types of men. It does not matter to me how they look or how old they are. A man is a man and I want to love him. I like being going out in their company. I am a smart, well-educated, and fun-loving person who loves the attention of a man. I can be your girlfriend or wife, whatever you want me to be.

I am great in playing sexual fantasy acts. I am outgoing and a fantastic listener. I can patiently listen to all your stories and love kissing and fondling me in between because I simply cannot resist myself for too long.

I am willing to meet you anywhere, in your office, home, or a hotel. If you are worried about your reputation, then don’t. I am a professional and understand the importance of customer confidentiality and privacy. Recently, in a high society party, I came across a business man and his wife. His wife was my college friend. The business man was nervous because we had spent a great night last night. But in a few moments of conversation, he realized he did not have to worry about anything. I politely talked to his wife for half an hour and nobody could guess from my gestures that I had met the business man before. The business man was very happy and relieved. Can you guess how we celebrated? We spent that night in a five-star hotel in each other’s arms.

I am also open to going out of Delhi for sexy vacations. All you have to do is arrange for my lodging and boarding and I will be happy to give you company in your tours. If you want more add-ons than just physical intimacy like sexy massage etc., then I am game. To cut a long story short – I am a professional Mumbai Escort and when it comes to satisfying my customers, I can be very obliging. I have built an entire network of high-flung customers with my professionalism, great looks, and sexual acts.

So go ahead. Pick up your phone and call me, and let the fun start.

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